Sharmond Smith is a Flute and Saxophonist in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.The proud son of Tesser Easter Smith and the late great David Smith, a well-known Calypsonian in the Islands of the Bahamas known to all as Kasavubu.  

  During his final year at R.M. Bailey High School, Sharmond discovered his musical potential. Under the direction of Mr. Lou Adams Jr., he was exposed to the flute and saxophone. Following his graduation from R.M.Bailey High School. Sharmond joined the Bahamas National Youth Orchestra, which Mr. Duke Errol Strachen directed. 

  Sharmond had his first professional employment as a flute and saxophonist with King Eric and his Knights at the King and Knights Native Show. For two years, he performed with them nightly. Sharmond later spent three years with The Ronnie Butler and Fire Band. Ronnie Butler was dubbed the "Godfather of Bahamian Music" by many. Every night, they performed at the Radisson's Gombay Bar.  

  Jazz music was Sharmond's, true love. So when he joined the Pneuma Band, his enthusiasm for jazz blossomed in the jazz world. Sharmond was able to truly express himself through the sort of music he desired with this jazz quintet. 

   Sharmond Smith has produced and recorded four albums, all of which are available for purchase. Back To 1990 (2016), Homecoming (2005), Inside My Dreams (2015), and The Christmas Joy (2021) 

Sharmond has had the opportunity to perform at various special events and jazz festivals locally and internationally.