Sharmond Smith Professional Flute and Saxophonist
Sharmond Smith, a distinguished flutist and saxophonist, originates from Nassau, Bahamas, where he has devoted over 25 years to a full-time music career. He acquired expertise in audio engineering and music production at Hofa College and Triagon Academy, complemented by a bachelor's degree in business administration. Smith's musical journey began with performances at the renowned King and Knight native club, owned by Eric Gibson, a legendary figure in Bahamian music. Subsequently, he joined the esteemed Bahamian entertainer Ronnie Butler's band, featuring prominently in many of Butler's albums. Smith's musical prowess has graced numerous prestigious venues and events, including jazz festivals, private functions, and as a resident saxophonist at renowned resorts like Atlantis Resort, Rosewood, Sandals Resort, and The Albany. Additionally, he serves as the Owner and CEO of Sharmond Smith Music Company, overseeing entertainment provisions for establishments such as The Dunes Restaurant and Ocean Club Four Seasons. Throughout his illustrious career, Smith has recorded several albums, including "Home Coming," "Inside My Dreams," "Just Us," and " The Christmas Joy," alongside releasing singles like "It's Christmas Time Again." Hailing from a family deeply rooted in music, with his father, the esteemed Bahamian Calypsonian David Smith (Kasavubu), and mother Tesser Easter Smith, along with six siblings, Smith continues to enrich the music industry as a consummate professional. Today, he continues to enrich the music industry as a professional flutist and saxophonist, committed to keeping the spirit of social music alive.